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Top 5 Wedding Destination Resorts in Kerala

A destination wedding is the finest of the ideas in wedding planning that has gained considerable popularity in the recent times. While people are trying to explore the foreign lands for this purpose there are many mesmerizing places in our Incredible India that hold immense power to make the perfect destination to host your wedding. One such place is the bespoke creation of God, Kerala.

Kerala has everything in it to make the one destination which helps you have the wedding of the year. The state is on the southern-western coast of India and the most nature blessed state. The many cities in the state hold their own speciality and lay you a diverse choice to choose from. Here are some of the implausible gems of Kerala:
Kofiland Resorts Thekkady
The Kofiland resort is a unique experience in Kerala, the God's own country. In hundred acres it is a sublime journey into the lap of Mother Nature. Kofiland Resorts Thekkady offers special packages for groups accompanying weddings where the…

Night Trek Experience in Idukki Forests

Jungle Scout
This program envisages a three hour night trek providing a rare opportunity to observe some of the interesting nightlife of the Thekkady forest such as civets, mouse deer, flying squirrel and various nocturnal bird species. Participants will be contributing directly to protecting the buffer zone and fringe areas of the Reserve as they travel in the company of forest watchersand trained guides. A trek ideal for younger visitors fit and disciplined enough to walk in the silence of the night. Three-time slots are offered along two routers.
Common Palm Civets forage mainly at night. The likelihood of encountering predators during the day may have favoured nocturnal foraging behaviour.
The Indian Spotted Chevrotain (Moschiola meminna) is often referred to as the Mouse Deer. However, in recent times, Indian Spotted Chevrotain seems to be the preferred usage. This diminutive animal is nocturnal in habit, making it very difficult to see one in daylight.

The Indian giant flying squirr…

Organic Village Visit in Kerala

What is Organic Farming? The introduction of chemicals in farming got many delirious at the sight of what they could accomplish. Yields exploded. At the start, the soil was healthy. Any damage brought about by chemical fertilizers was hardly noticeable. Pests had not developed resistance to the chemicals. The technology spread across the world as it was considered the revolution in agriculture. Flash forward to today, and many people are marvelling in organic farming again. This is after learning that conventional farming methods come with a host of problems including health-related diseases like cancer, pollution, degradation of soil and water, and impact on domestic animals.

Organic farming is a technique, which involves cultivation of plants and rearing of animals in natural ways. This process involves the use of biological materials, avoiding synthetic substances to maintain soil fertility and ecological balance thereby minimizing pollution and wastage. In other words, organic farmi…

Know Tribal Culture And Heritage at Idukki

The tribal communities of Thekkady, which have a total population of around 2000, live in perfect harmony with Nature. Five ethnically different communities -- the Mannans, the Paliyas, the Uralis, the Mala-arayas and the Malampandarams -- have settled in Kumily panchayat, mainly on the outskirts of the Periyar Tiger Reserve.
Though they used to earn their living through traditional occupations like fishing and agriculture, with the advent of eco-tourism initiatives, they have found alternative jobs. They actively take part in the tourism-related programmes and serve as guides for tourists or as forest guards to prevent poaching and other illegal activities.
In the remote forests, there are tribes who still carry out their age-old practices such as building small dolmens for honouring the dead.

Periyar Tiger Reserve is a model worldwide for the harmonious co-existence between indigenous tribal communities nestled in the Periyar Tiger Reserve namely the Mannans, Palliyans, Malayarayans, …